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Who are we? /   An introduction

"Camerata Primo Tempo " de Zamora  is a group   dedicated to spread choral music in any of its forms, profane or religious,  classic or popular, a  capella or with accompaniment. Formed by a changeable staff of about 36 members, it comes offering  its  concerts for 10 years, principally in the city of Zamora and  its  province; it takes part, in addition, in the musical events to which it is invited in the rest of Spain and, occasionally, abroad.


History / Curriculum     Conductor

The beginnings of " Camerata Primo Tempo " go back 1995, when a group of young students of music, heading by Mercedes Lorenzo Arnaz, constitute a choir orientated to covering an extensive repertoire and a varied range of styles, from classic works of different periods of the History of the Music, up to  popular and traditional music,  inside and outside our country.     more                           


She´s from Medina  del Campo (Valladolid). She obtains the Teacher's degree of Piano for the Conservatoire of Valladolid, and later,  she becomes Professor of Solfeggio and Theory of the Music, Transposition and Accompaniment  for the Hight Conservatoire of Salamanca. In the year 1991, she is a teacher of Harmony in the Conservatoire of Zamora    more                           

                                         Webmasters: Francisco Carretero and Carmen Conde

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