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She´s from Medina  del Campo (Valladolid). She obtains the Teacher's degree of Piano for the Conservatoire of Valladolid, and later,  she becomes Professor of Solfeggio and Theory of the Music, Transposition and Accompaniment  for the Hight Conservatoire of Salamanca. In the year 1991 she is a teacher of Harmony in the Conservatoire of Zamora and in the following year, 1992, passes to be a teacher for free examination in the subject of Choral and Instrumental  Ensemble in the Conservatoire of Zamora, where nowadays, she  gives   lessons of Choir, Piano, Musical Language and Transposition and Accompaniment.

She studies   several courses of Direction and   Choral Chant with recognized teachers as Alberto Blancafort, Mercedes Padilla, Julio Domínguez, Javier Busto, Carl Höset, Johan Duijck, Maria Felicia Perez, Alberto Grau, Carlo Pavese...

In the summer of 2000, in Pontevedra she studies  a course of Singing, Workshop for Children and Vocalizations and Easing for Choir with Helen Larsson, teacher of Singing and children's Choir.

As a teacher, together her lessons in the Conservatoire of Zamora, she has given the following courses: Course of Choir in Béjar (Salamanca) organized by the  Junta de Castilla y León, in July, 1999; Courses of Choir for Children in  Cabezón de la Sal  (Cantabria), in July of the years 2003 and 2005.




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