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The beginnings of " Camerata Primo Tempo " go back 1995, when a group of young students of music, heading by Mercedes Lorenzo Arnaz, constitute a choir orientated to covering an extensive repertoire and a varied range of styles, from classic works of different periods of the History of the Music, up to  popular and traditional music, inside and outside our country. 

After some concerts we realize that it was necessary to provide us of an identity, and it is in 1998 when  we create the choral as it is known at the present, "Camerata Primo Tempo de Zamora". 

Since then, many concerts mark the musical path of the group, whose voices have been listened in different national and international stages, always with a great success. 

Among all of them it is necessary that we stand out, for what they meant in our beginning, the following ones: the  concert we perform in the Monastery of San Jerónimo Royal of Madrid, accompanied by the Orchestra of Liebig's College of Germany; the participation in the Days of Musical Coral of Astillero, in Cantabria; the presence in the Contest Coral Villa de Avilés , in 1999 in Asturias.               

In the same year the concert offered in the Theatre Principal  of Zamora, together with the Young Orchestra of Australia; in the Church La Encarnación , of Zamora, accompanied by the Orchestra of Flutes of Madrid; The Coral Meeting in Tortossendo, Portugal, etc. 

In January, 2001 a reinforcement takes place, turning into one coral of approximately 36 members of different ages. This gives us a great improvement of our repertoire.        

The performances of the Camerata are almost always a capella, but occasionally they have been accompanied by some instrumental sets, principally the " Orchestra of the Conservatoire of Zamora " and the organist Ana Maria Lopez Encinas.  Examples of these collaborations have been the interpretation of Gloria ( Antonio Vivaldi) (2004) or the Réquiem ( W. A. Mozart) in 2003, 2004 and 2005 in San Ildefonso's Church of Zamora, always in the dates near the Holy Week, in the Theatre Latorre of Toro and in Antigüedad (Palencia, 2005).          

Nowadays we face up to a new stage in which, once consolidated the group, we have wanted to announce ourselves in different contests, besides in the habitual concerts. This way, we have been selected in the national contest Antigua Abesbatzak (Guipuzcoa 2005, the VIIIth edition and 2007, X edition), the Antonio Jose of Burgos (Burgos 2005, the IVth edition),  Encantados of Segovia (November, 2005, I edition), the Festival Internacional de Música de Campo de Criptana (June 2006, II edition), or that of San Vicente de la Barquera (July, 2006, the XXXIXth edition).

Nowadays Camerata takes part in approximately 25 annual concerts. This year, it is necessary that we emphasize the concert offered  in the Auditorio Nacional of Music of Madrid in collaboration with The Orchestra and Choir of the Autonomous University, in which the Réquiem by Mozart was interpreted, or  the 6 concerts we are offered in different cities of the Baltic Polish coast  as an answer to the invitation done by the 41 º Miedzynarodowy Festiwal Organowy, with different programs, any of them interpreted a capella, with accompaniment of organ or in collaboration with the orchestra Filharmonia Koszalinska im Stanislawa Moniuszki.          



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